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What is gsalr?

Since its founding in 2007, (pronounced "gee-saler") has become the largest and most successful garage sale listing site on the internet with over


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Common questions and answers

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to advertise your sale. You can optionally pay for premium placement with an upgraded listing.

How can I get more exposure?

At the end of creating your listing, you have the option to pay for an upgrade to your listing.

What does an upgraded sale include?

Your sale is featured at the top of the list on the city pages and the daily email newsletter. Your title and photo will be larger than other listings.

What kinds of sales can I advertise here?

You can post a garage sale, yard sale, estate sale or moving sale. You can also advertise a multi-family sale or a neighborhood sale.

How long will my sale be active?

You can start your listing early, but it won't appear on the site until the current week of your sale from Monday through Sunday.

Do I need to delete my sale listing after its over?

No, your sale will automatically be removed across all partner sites.

What happens if I cancel my sale?

Your sale will be removed from and all partner sites automatically within 15 minutes of deletion.

How do I share my sale on Facebook or Twitter?

At the end of the sale process you can share your sale using the social sharing links on your sale page.

If I don't have pictures for my listing can I post them later?

Yes, you can edit your listing at anytime and your changes will be posted across all sites.

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