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It's that season again.  Community Garage Sale Season!"The Goldmine for Garage Salers"

While Garage Sales and Yard Sales can be found year round in the warmer states and from spring to fall in most states, the best time of year to find great finds is during Community Garage Sale season.

Whether you go to garage sales and yard sales just looking for things for yourself or you like to buy things for resale, your success will be increased if you follow....more

Craft projects from garage sales can be a lot of fun, see what others have done to turn these fun ideas into profit.

On our hunt for the next big idea, we visited the San Francisco area garage sales and we were surprised to find many to choose from, the most memorable is the bent forks and serving utensils which were turned into jewelry pieces, but our goal was to find a few ideas you can quickly and easily do yourself.

Marie Kazni is an avid DIY garage....more

Anyone on a budget knows that shopping, even for low-end fashions, can be pricey. This is one of the reasons why many people opt to visit the average local garage sale on the weekends.

These weekend events are terrific places to find great casual and formal styles. It is even possible to get high-end designer pieces from time-to-time. If there’s a hidden fashion designer in you, these sales will give you the opportunity to transform your own style.


A weekend fun time, garage sales can be quite addictive, whether it’s thrifting for everyday finds or buying items to resell for a profit, many can’t seem to stay away from the excitement of not knowing what to expect next. 

If you’re new in the world of shopping garage sale for a profit, it’s hard to know what sells and what doesn’t.  Everything eventually sells, but there’s been some proven successes based on prior sales that insure the items....more

We might hold a garage sale to get rid of old items, but earning cash for your stuff might be the most fun and satisfying part of it. We've reiterated here just how easy it is to make a fair amount from secondhand items, with a little time and effort. You just have to know what you're getting into.

Whether you're an amateur garage saler or just someone looking to improve your profits, you can learn a thing or two from the experts who've made a great living -- and a fun life -- out of garage sale-ing.....more

There’s something about The Bonafide Hustler that keeps us coming back for more.

He's not only got a thriving business, but he also has a successful YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. OK, so do a lot of people. But, there’s a je ne sais quoi that sets Bonafide Hustler apart from the rest and keeps him miles ahead of the game.

He’s a hustler with a heart of gold. And what I mean by that is, in addition to a decade of experience, BH has a level of integrity,....more

Flipping or reselling secondhand items for profit can be a fun hobby or a lucrative business. What helps it transition from the former to the latter is preparation – doing your homework to figure out which items are valuable and worth the investment.

Knowing how much you can make on a item is something that once took a series of trials and errors to figure out. Now it’s as easy as a few clicks. Check out the following apps that let you quickly check pricing info, list sales....more

Shopping at garage and estate sales can be a lot like shopping at IKEA. There is a colossal mountain of stuff to sift through.

With thousands of garage sales and estate sales going on every day, there’s an overabundance of secondhand -- from the mundane and uninspiring to the high-end and out-of-reach. While it may be exciting at times, there are other times when finding items you need can be a downright chore.

Those are the times when I turn to the IKEA catalogue -- or, better yet,....more

Your grandma’s sweater never looked so cool. Vintage clothing is a hot commodity these days. Everyone from young fashionistas to more mature, sophisticated shoppers are getting into thrifting and vintage shopping, which is a smart way to score quality clothing, shoes and accessories on the cheap.

You can find quite a lot of vintage pieces in secondhand shops and thrift stores, but another great place to find vintage is in someone else’s backyard. Untold treasures await you at nearby estate sales....more

You frequent yard sales. You enjoy scoring great deals. You have a hobby of restoring or repurposing your finds. You have bought and/or restored more items than you have a need for. You would like to earn extra cash.

If the above description sounds like you, you may want to get into the "flipping" business. Flipping -- or buying and reselling -- yard sale items can be a simple way to earn some extra cash while doing what you love. While anyone can get into flipping relatively....more

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