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Garage Sale Blog

Craft projects from garage sales can be a lot of fun, see what others have done to turn these fun ideas into profit.

On our hunt for the next big idea, we visited the San Francisco area garage sales and we were surprised to find many to choose from, the most memorable is the bent forks and serving utensils which were turned into jewelry pieces, but our goal was to find a few ideas you can quickly and easily do yourself.

Marie Kazni is an avid DIY garage....more

Anyone on a budget knows that shopping, even for low-end fashions, can be pricey. This is one of the reasons why many people opt to visit the average local garage sale on the weekends.

These weekend events are terrific places to find great casual and formal styles. It is even possible to get high-end designer pieces from time-to-time. If there’s a hidden fashion designer in you, these sales will give you the opportunity to transform your own style.


A weekend fun time, garage sales can be quite addictive, whether it’s thrifting for everyday finds or buying items to resell for a profit, many can’t seem to stay away from the excitement of not knowing what to expect next. 

If you’re new in the world of shopping garage sale for a profit, it’s hard to know what sells and what doesn’t.  Everything eventually sells, but there’s been some proven successes based on prior sales that insure the items....more

We might hold a garage sale to get rid of old items, but earning cash for your stuff might be the most fun and satisfying part of it. We've reiterated here just how easy it is to make a fair amount from secondhand items, with a little time and effort. You just have to know what you're getting into.

Whether you're an amateur garage saler or just someone looking to improve your profits, you can learn a thing or two from the experts who've made a great living -- and a fun life -- out of garage sale-ing.....more

There’s something about The Bonafide Hustler that keeps us coming back for more.

He's not only got a thriving business, but he also has a successful YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. OK, so do a lot of people. But, there’s a je ne sais quoi that sets Bonafide Hustler apart from the rest and keeps him miles ahead of the game.

He’s a hustler with a heart of gold. And what I mean by that is, in addition to a decade of experience, BH has a level of integrity,....more

Flipping or reselling secondhand items for profit can be a fun hobby or a lucrative business. What helps it transition from the former to the latter is preparation – doing your homework to figure out which items are valuable and worth the investment.

Knowing how much you can make on a item is something that once took a series of trials and errors to figure out. Now it’s as easy as a few clicks. Check out the following apps that let you quickly check pricing info, list sales....more

Shopping at garage and estate sales can be a lot like shopping at IKEA. There is a colossal mountain of stuff to sift through.

With thousands of garage sales and estate sales going on every day, there’s an overabundance of secondhand -- from the mundane and uninspiring to the high-end and out-of-reach. While it may be exciting at times, there are other times when finding items you need can be a downright chore.

Those are the times when I turn to the IKEA catalogue -- or, better yet,....more

Your grandma’s sweater never looked so cool. Vintage clothing is a hot commodity these days. Everyone from young fashionistas to more mature, sophisticated shoppers are getting into thrifting and vintage shopping, which is a smart way to score quality clothing, shoes and accessories on the cheap.

You can find quite a lot of vintage pieces in secondhand shops and thrift stores, but another great place to find vintage is in someone else’s backyard. Untold treasures await you at nearby estate sales....more

You frequent yard sales. You enjoy scoring great deals. You have a hobby of restoring or repurposing your finds. You have bought and/or restored more items than you have a need for. You would like to earn extra cash.

If the above description sounds like you, you may want to get into the "flipping" business. Flipping -- or buying and reselling -- yard sale items can be a simple way to earn some extra cash while doing what you love. While anyone can get into flipping relatively....more

The Bonafide Hustler has been flipping thrift store, garage sale and estate sale items for the past decade. His success at flipping, or what he calls "hustling," led him to create an eponymous YouTube channel boasting thousands of subscribers. 

I spoke to him about playing to win and found that, aside from his online swagger, The Bonafide Hustler is a genuinely nice Austin dweller with spades of passion and knowledge to share.

1.  How did you get....more

What do you do with the leftovers? Whether you had a successful garage sale or not, afterwards you might still be left with a sizeable number of unsold items.

The obvious solution is to donate your stuff to charity when possible, but you may have to toss some items in the recycling or garbage bins.

What to Toss

Toss items into the garbage only if they are broken, damaged or worn down to the point where nobody could potentially use them. However, most broken items....more

Yard Sale Queen has been shopping at and blogging about yard sales for more than 15 years. She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and featured in print publications like Newsweek, Better Homes and Gardens and Arthur Frommer's Smart Shopping. We talked to her about everything from David Cassidy to bidets, and her tips for garage sale success. 

1. Who is Yard Sale Queen?

My name is Chris Heiska, and I'm known as Yard Sale Queen. I was....more

Yard sale signs are simple -- just Sharpie, some poster board and staples, right? Yard sale signs are often the last thing anyone thinks about when deciding to sell their things. But smartly made -- and smartly placed -- signs can mean the difference between a yard buzzing with inquiring shoppers and one with nothing but the chirps of crickets. 

For some tips on good garage sale signs, watch this quick video: 

10 Pro Tips for Garage Sale Signs.


"I've got a box of old bras if you want to see them." -- Phyllis (The Office, Season 7, "Garage Sale")

Garage sale items run the gamut from the old and tattered to the shiny and new-ish. From the low end to the high end. From the vintage to the modern. From the practical to the collectible. And -- most entertainingly -- from the mundane to the strange. 

If you've been to a garage sale, chances are you've seen some weird stuff -- things that are inexplicable,....more

Would you sell the toys of your late granddaughter at a garage sale? It was reported last week that the grandparents of Caylee Anthony, daughter of Casey Anthony, sold her belongings at a yard sale in Florida. 

Online commenters have disagreed over whether Mr. and Mrs. Anthony should have included Caylee's things in their sale. Some people declared the sale never should have happened, while others suggested the Anthonys should have donated or auctioned off the items for....more

Garage sales have virtually exploded over the past couple of decades. But did you know that the modern day garage sale has roots in a 19th century event? The infographic below (by our partner site tells you everything you need to know about the history of garage sales as well as weekly garage sale stats in the U.S. Get your history on!

One man’s junk may be another’s treasure, but treasure is rarely lying in plain sight. You might show up to a garage sale intending to score some relatively new items for cheap and find yourself faced with mounds of seemingly outdated junk. Should you walk away, or are there gems in the rough worth your time and money?

Many of the best “garage-salers” will tell you that finding treasure is more art than science – you’ve got to have a good eye. And many times, you have to be....more

Community garage sales are really garage sales in their purest, earliest form -- or rummage sales. Mammoth when compared to individual garage sales, these community garage sales often last for several days or occur multiple times a year.

Some sales occur along major U.S. highways and span multiple states, while others happen citywide. Here is a list of 50 top community garage sales in the United States. Click on the image below for an interactive Google Map with location pins and more....more

7 Tips for Pricing Like a Pro

1.  Check the going rates. Pricing secondhand items starts with research. Find out what secondhand items are selling for by checking sites like eBay or, which checks Google, Amazon and eBay for pricing information on items like electronics. If you can, visit other yard sales or secondhand shops in your area to see how items are priced.

2.  Offer a good deal. People come to yard sales because they're looking to score great deals. Secondhand items in....more

One man's junk is another man's treasure. It's the driving philosophy behind why we have garage sales, storage auctions, and second-hand commerce in general. Whatever you are willing to give up, there's someone out there who probably wants it and will pay you for it.

American television has taken a keen interest in this idea, perpetuating and capitalizing on its popularity with paid cable and satellite programming like Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, and American Pickers, to name a few.

But just how in....more

Top tactics for getting the most out of your yard sale

Anyone can have a yard sale, but not everybody has a successful one. Having stuff to sell is just half the battle; the other half is planning. With a little bit of preparation, you can make the most out of your yard sale and bequeath troves of treasure to your local community.

Things You’ll Need

Yard, garage or driveway Items to sell Signage materials Price stickers Portable tables Cash box or fanny pack....more

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