Decorating with yard sale finds

One of the reasons we love going to yard sales is the thrill of the hunt…there’s nothing I love more than to find a piece of furniture and breathe new life into it. Repurposing, reupholstering and upcycling are all part of the yard sale game. Below, we’ll take a look at some wonderful ways to re-imagine yard sale finds and turn them into gorgeous decor pieces for your home.

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1. Create an adorable entryway table by adding a set of legs to an old suitcase.

decorating with yard sale finds

Photo Credit: LA Times

All you need is an old stool, a suitcase and a can of spray paint to create this classy entryway side table. Pair it with a mirror and some stylish accents and you’ve got yourself an inviting piece to add to your home.

2. Display a variety of colorful plates in an artistic pattern.

Photo Credit: Mmm Crafts

It’s nearly impossible to find a complete set of dishes at a yard sale, but this photograph proves that you can turn a variety of mix & match dishes into an eye-catching display piece anywhere in your home.

3. Turn old hardcover books into cute display shelves using brackets.


Photo Credit: Shelterness

The next time you pass by a stack of hardcover books at a yard sale, you may want to consider picking up a few and creating these adorable shelving units using books and some brackets.  Add some knick knacks also found at the yard sale to create a nice vignette in your home.

4. Turn old dresser drawers into a modern and funky shelving unit


Photo Credit: Earth 911

Repurposing dresser drawers into a stylish and modern shelving unit is the way to go.  Stack the drawers on top of each other, screw on some hardware legs and give the whole piece a two tone look for a shelf that will look good in any room.

5. Create personalized coat racks for each family member using vintage ladders


Photo Credit: DesignMag

Old ladders have a wonderful charm about them that modern ladders just do not. Highlight this charm by creating individual clothing racks for each family member in the entryway for your home.

6. Turn old dresser drawers into a funky coffee table with a some metal legs and some paint.


Photo Credit: Flea Chic

This table is proof that a little imagination and some paint can go a long way. This coffee table was made using two dresser drawers some funky table legs and a bright coat of teal paint. It makes the perfect landing place for a tray table, flowers or books.

7. Spruce up a pair of old chairs with new fabric

Photo Credit: Arts & Classy

This project is the ultimate trash to treasure transformation. Arts & Classy did a wonderful job of reupholstering these tired and outdated chairs into modern furniture show pieces using a bold pattern of black and white stripes.

8.Turn vintage cans into adorable succulent holders


Photo Credit: House of Huff

They just don’t make them like they used to. It’s very rare to find metal cans, so when you do, you better snatch them up. I love the way that  House of Huff repurposed these vintage cans into gorgeous succulent containers.

9. Make old wooden bowls sparkle with some gold and white spray paint


Photo Credit: Arts & Classy

Passed over those wooden bowls a million times? I bet! You may want to reconsider because a coat of white and goal paint makes these bowls look like designer home accents.

10. Turn an old wooden box into the ultimate hiding place


Photo Credit: Interior Frugalista

If you are tired of having several remote controls cluttering up your coffee table, then you may want to take a cue from the Interior Frugalista who turned and old jewelry box into the perfect hiding spot for all of your remote controls.

11. Jazz up an old lamp with some wrapping paper and glue


Photo Credit: At Home with the Barkers

Just look at the transformation of this thrifting find! What was once an outdated and homely looking lamp has been turned into a gorgeous lamp with just a little spray paint, mod podge and decorative paper.

12. And we can’t forget about the family pet…repurpose an old tire with a little spray paint and create a colorful pet bed for your pooch.


Photo Credit: Practically Functional

It’s important not to forget man’s best friend! Turn an old car tire into a cozy pet bed using a little spray paint and a pillow!


12 Wonderful Ways to Decorate your Home with Yard Sale Finds