It’s that time of year to get out your Christmas decorations, play some holiday music and turn your home into a winter wonderland. It’s also a great time to repurpose some of the vintage finds that you may have picked up in your yard sale adventures throughout the year. Below we’ll take a look at 24 ways that you can decorate your home with vintage yard sale finds.

1. Vintage Ice Skate Door Hanger

Grab that old pair of ice skates and dress them up with some greenery and holly berries and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous door hanger that just screams vintage Christmas.

2. Colorful Holiday Kitchen Display

Bust out the holiday colored Jadeite and Pyrex and create a Christmas inspired bar cart display for your home.

3. Vintage Christmas Light Wreath

If you are feeling a little crafty, you can take some vintage Christmas lights and a wreath ring to create this vintage light bulb wreath. Although it won’t light up, it will make a delightful wreath for your front door.

4. Holiday Ornament Chandelier

Create your own “Ornamental” Chandelier by hanging vintage glass Christmas ornaments from your dining chandelier for a colorful home decor option.

5. Winter Wonderland Window Frame

While there are many ways to repurpose an old window, creating a winter themed vignette has got to be one of my favorites. With a can of spray snow and a few ornaments, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous piece to hang in your home during the holidays.

6. Holiday Ladder Shelf

We’re loving the way that this vintage ladder has been adorned with holiday items of years past. This would be an easy project for anyone to accomplish. All you need is an old ladder and holiday decorations.

7. Vintage Bottle Brush & Door Knobs

We’ve always loved the vintage bottle brush Christmas trees, but placing them inside vintage brass door knobs just takes these cute trees to a whole other level!

8. Sheet Music Christmas Trees

Got some old sheet music laying around? Turn those sheets into a collection of vintage musical trees ready for your home decor.

9. Pixie Elf Village

Who needs The Elf on the Shelf, when you’ve got these vintage Pixie Elves. Arrange these vintage beauties in a mischievous scene to bring laughter to your holidays.

10. Wooden Crate Tree Stand

Turn rustic wooden crates into adorable Christmas tree stands to create a nice tabletop display.

11. Christmas Toy Truck

If you’ve got a few vintage toy trucks around the house, you can turn them into some adorable holiday decorations by attaching a miniature Christmas tree to the back and some ribbon to the front of the truck.

12. Rustic Spring Candle Holder

Now here is a true trash-to-treasure project. Take that rusty old spring you found in the barn and use it as an adorable candle holder. Wrap some ferns and holly around it to give it an extra holiday flair.

13. Holiday Wagon Porch Display

There are few things that feel more vintage than an old Radio flyer wagon. Fill it up with some pine branches and presents to create a delightful outdoor porch display.

14. DIY Holiday Tree

Who says you can’t make your own Christmas tree. Head outdoors and pick up some of the sticks in your yard. Arrange them in a beautiful vintage vase and decorate them with vintage ornaments for a DIY inspired Christmas tree.

15. Vintage Kitchen Scale Countertop Display

A vintage kitchen scale makes a great countertop display when filled with holiday ornaments.

16. Painted Mason Jars

Painted Mason Jars make a beautiful and inexpensive tabletop display. Fill them with free greenery and pinecones for a boost of holiday fragrance.

17. Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

Speaking of Mason Jars you can re-purpose the lids that you didn’t use in the previous project to create these one-of-a-kind vintage holiday ornaments using fabric, felt and hot glue.

18. Vintage Ski Outdoor Display

Find an old pair of skis at a yard sale? Spray paint them black and use them to create a delightful and spirited holiday showcase on your outdoor fence!

19. Painted Frame

Here’s an easy DIY Christmas project for you! Take an old frame (or one that you’ve thrifted) spray paint it red and hang some vintage ornaments from the top using pretty ribbon. It makes for an adorable wall hanging.

20. Muffin Tin Vignettes

The next time you think about throwing out that old muffin tin, think again! Instead, you can use it to create a set of miniature Christmas scenes which makes for an adorable conversation piece during the holiday season.

21. Spice Tin Villages

Not sure what to do with those vintage spice tins? Create these adorable winter scenes using miniature snowmen and Christmas trees that you can find at any craft store.

22. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Transform those vintage cookie cutters into adorable ornaments by decorating the inside with wrapping paper and buttons and using a ribbon to hang them from the tree.

23. Tabletop Village

Create your own tabletop holiday village by re-using an old wooden box and a few small cookie jars filled with holiday decorations and scenes.

24. Scrabble Tile Holiday Messages

Have a Scrabble game that doesn’t have all the pieces? No problem. Use the letter tiles to create a frameable Holiday message.

25. Holiday Napkin Bouquets

Create a one-of-a-kind bouquet of vintage holiday napkins by arranging them nicely in a cream colored vintage vase.

25 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Vintage Christmas Finds