Anyone on a budget knows that shopping, even for low-end
fashions, can be pricey. This is one of the reasons why many people opt to
visit the average local garage sale on the weekends.

These weekend events are terrific places to find great
casual and formal styles. It is even possible to get high-end designer pieces
from time-to-time. If there’s a hidden fashion designer in you, these sales
will give you the opportunity to transform your own style.

You can use pieces from garage sales to accent existing
ensembles. These finds can be altered or repurposed to appeal to your sense of

Looking for formal attire? Most are worn only once and are
in mint condition, but you better get to the garage sales early, otherwise you
won’t find what you’re looking for.

Accessorize &

Garage and yard sales are sensational places to find jewelry
in different categories. Costume pieces are nice for accessorizing existing
outfits. They can also be used as central pieces for new designs. Some
accessories can be used to flourish dresses, skirts or even shirts.

Dresses – Shorten the

Dresses and skirts are some of the popular items found at garage sales.  Even if you had to pay for altering the size,
you’re still saving on your purchase when compared to retail prices.

Custom Average Jeans
– Make them Designer

Plain jeans are easily found at every garage sale.  Don’t look at them as plain; try using your
artistic ability to view them as a blank canvas that you’ll tailor to your own
style.  It’s amazing what a few sequins,
crystals and eye-catching
buttons can do for a pair of jeans.

Your creative juices will flow better if you go with a friend.  It’s a great way to shop, have a good laugh
and trade ideas on clothing designs.  Most
pieces found at a garage sale can successfully be altered and incorporated into
your own sense of style.

Get versatile and trendy, but make sure you get moving early
on Saturday morning.  Check our site for upcoming Garage Sales and map out your day.  You’ll be one step ahead of everyone else.

Use Garage Sale Shopping to Transform Your Style – Become Your Own Designer