A weekend fun time, garage sales can be quite addictive,
whether it’s thrifting for everyday finds or buying items to resell for a
profit, many can’t seem to stay away from the excitement of not knowing what to
expect next. 

If you’re new in the world of shopping garage sale for a
profit, it’s hard to know what sells and what doesn’t.  Everything eventually sells, but there’s been
some proven successes based on prior sales that insure the items will be sold
quickly and for a decent profit.

Like anything else, experience and research is very
important, but still with the abundance of items found at garage sales, it’s
probably easier to know what items you should look for and quickly turn into a profit,
this way you’ll have more money to shop next weekend’s garage sales.

What garage sale items take longer to sell?

Collector Plates

Porcelain China

Collectible Figurines

Non-Designer Clothing

What to look for at a local garage sale?

Disney Items

Starbucks mugs

Men’s Hawaiian Shirts

Brand New unopened items

There are many other items you
could purchase, quickly list online and turn a profit.  If you’re unsure about the purchase, do a
quick online search prior to purchasing. 
Remember to look at sold items, just because someone has it listed for a
high price, doesn’t it mean it will sell for that, but a sold item will give
you a better idea of what the buyers are willing to pay.

Beyond the brand names and
collectibles, finding unique handmade pieces at garage sales will do well most
of the time on the resale market.

Online selling can be quite
competitive, when you differentiate the products you’re selling from everyone
else around you, it allows you to name your price.  You may have to wait longer for the right
buyer, but there will always be one that’s willing to pay the price you’re
asking if they love your one of a kind piece.

What do you look for at garage

Thrifting for a profit, a reseller’s guide on what to buy at garage sales