Let me guess, as a yard sale shopper..you LOVE a good deal. I don’t blame you! One of the reasons many of us love yard sales so much is that we love finding items cheaper than we can buy them in a store. But…if you are a pro yard sale shopper..you know the deals aren’t always found on the sticker price, sometimes a little negotiation can turn a good deal into an even better deal.  You just have to know the one secret to yard sale negotiation..and I’m about to reveal it to you.

The secret? He who says the first number loses.

It’s true in most negotiation situations, but he who reveals which price he is either willing to pay or accept, is the one who loses out. So the trick is to let the yard sale host do all the talking and get him to divulge his lowest possible sale price before you offer up any amount that you are willing to pay.

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Take a look a the following scenario:

Buyer: Would you take less for this sofa?

Seller: I would consider it…what price were you thinking?
Buyer: Mmm..I’m not sure. I like it but it has this <insert any imperfections you see> and then I’d have to drag it home…
Seller: I’ll sell it to you for $50.
Buyer: Sold!

Having the seller name a price first prevents you from paying more than you need to. In the example above, if you would have been willing to pay $75 and you had let him know that, you would’ve been out $25. Always let the seller tell you his price first.

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The Secret Negotiation Tactic that Every Yard Sale Shopper Needs to know!