There’s something about The Bonafide Hustler that keeps us coming back for more.

He’s not only got a thriving business, but he also has a successful YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. OK, so do a lot of people. But, there’s a je ne sais quoi that sets Bonafide Hustler apart from the rest and keeps him miles ahead of the game.

He’s a hustler with a heart of gold. And what I mean by that is, in addition to a decade of experience, BH has a level of integrity, honesty and passion about flipping and teaching others to find success that is inspiring to see. Nowhere is that more evident than in his new, colorfully titled eBook Flip That Sh!t.

Flip That Sh!t

A quick read, the book is 142 pages packed with insights and advice on getting started with flipping and how to continually improve your hustling game — a “hustling cheat sheet.” 

As he mentioned in our first interview, BH is keen to impart the knowledge he’s gleaned after more than a decade in flipping garage sale and secondhand finds, so that anyone who is willing can enjoy the same success he’s found. The whole thing is a labor of love for Bonafide Hustler, who claims that flipping is “honestly the most rewarding, enlightening, and fun spare cash thing I have done.”

While other eBooks on the market contain an inordinate amount of fluff, Flip That Sh!t is chock-full of solid advice. BH covers a lot of ground in the book’s short 18 chapters, including hustling your first item, considering quality and profitability, and how and where to sell your items. BH also leans on his past career as a day trader to provide a brief lesson in assessing risk: “We are all little stock traders!” he reminds, even when we’re buying lemonade at the store.

I’ve never once flipped (my lid, yes; for profit, no), but I came away from the book with a feeling that I could be a hustler of the first order. That’s probably due to BH’s straightforward and accessible writing style and an infectious can-do attitude that leaps off the e-pages, hits the ground running, and ushers me away to the nearest garage sale.

“Do it all correctly and do it Bonafide style,” BH demands in the FTS prologue. What exactly does that mean? Read for yourself and find out.

You can download the full copy of Flip That Sh!t here:

And if you haven’t already subscribed to BH’s YouTube channel, get on it! Good luck and happy flipping, all.

Review: ‘Flipping’ eBook by Bonafide Hustler is 142 pages of gold