Craft projects from garage sales can be a lot of fun, see what others have done to turn these fun ideas into profit.

On our hunt for the next big idea, we visited the San Francisco area garage sales and we were surprised to find many to choose
from, the most memorable is the bent forks and serving utensils which were
turned into jewelry pieces, but our goal was to find a few ideas you can
quickly and easily do yourself.

Marie Kazni is an avid DIY garage sale craft lady; she can
turn just about any item found into a treasure you can enjoy on a daily
basis.  Retired, her and her husband love
spending time in the garden, including holding garage sales or attending a few
on the weekend.

She took a random vintage chair with a missing seat and
quickly placed a planter inside of it, this, really showed us how easy an
unused item can be turned into something useful and beautiful.

Another DIY craft idea caught our attention because we always run into so many collector plates, vases and china random pieces at garage sales.  These porcelain pieces are rarely a complete set and hard to sell individually. 

Becky Tracy in Berkely, CA showed us what she does with
random vases and plates to turn them into bird feeders that add color and
uniqueness to her garden.  She sells these
at the local flea market and her own garage sales for a nifty profit.

“If I try to sell the plate for $1, people don’t want to pay
it, but when I use the plates to make these bird feeders; people are willing to
pay up to $20 for each one.” Becky

What you need for this DIY garage sale craft project:

Metal Pipe or Pole approximately 4’ tall

Glue gun or cement glue

Random plates, bowls, bud vases

Place the pole inside the vase, do not glue it in place, if
you’d like to wash it on a regular basis

Glue a plate on the underside of the vase, using the glue,
layer other bowls and plates on top

“This is therapeutic for me, it allows me to be creative and
make some extra cash” Becky continued with a smile on her face.

We asked Becky where she gets her ideas, she said trial and
error, but she also regularly watches the “Garage Sale Lady” Shelley Kincaid, host of
TV’s wildly popular “Trash to Treasures,” frequent guest on HGTV, Discovery
& DIY Networks, she maps out her local garage sales and turns her weekend
into an adventure of hunting and DIY crafting.

Profitable DIY craft projects from garage sale finds