I must confess that I used to have a pretty sizable collection back in the late 90’s, but as luck would have it..I managed to sell all of mine before they become practically obsolete. Whenever I see an article making the rounds about beanie baby valuations, I’m compelled to click on it. I like to see how much they are worth these days. Almost every single blog post I come across however, ranks the Princess Diana Beanie Baby as “very rare” or “the one to have”, “the most valuable” but a quick check on Ebay tells me a different story.


Out of the last 25 Princess Diana Beanie Babies listed on Ebay, only one has sold  for over $10,000 which is a far cry from the $100,000 price tag that some people are asking for. It turns out maybe this beanie baby isn’t so rare or so valuable.

While looking at the the completed listings on Ebay, I noticed one thing…Beanie Babies with the highest sell rate for the highest price were ones that had flaws! I quickly realized that Beanie Baby valuations had less to do with which Beanie Baby it was and more to do with the errors that the Beanie Baby had.

Some of the Beanie Babies to look for:

According to this website, some of the more common errors are spelling errors, mixed up swing tags, name changes and errors in the bear’s poems. We found a few of the beanie babies with errors and listed them below.


Spelling Errors
Finding a spelling error on your Beanie Baby can mean big bucks! This Beanie Baby turkey, “Gobbles” had a minor misspelling inside of the swing tag and went for a whopping, $2,000. This bunny Beanie Baby, Hippity, sold for over $5,000 because it had several misspellings on the swing tag.

Spelling errors are most common on the swing tag. One of the most well-known spelling error,  is  the word, “Original” found on the hangtag,  which was mistakenly printed as “Origiinal” in many of the 5th generation Beanie Baby lots. Another common spelling error was the word, “Surface” found on the back of the hang tag, which was inadvertently printed as “Suface”.

Missing Parts

Quackers the Wingless duck seems to be quite popular on Ebay and is worth an average of $1000. Some of these ducks were manufactured without wings making them extremely rare and wanted by Beanie Baby collectors.


Hangtag Mixups

Some Beanie Babies were shipped out with mixed up hangtags. Some of the most common mix-ups were Iggy & Rainbow and Echo & Waves. If you find a Beanie Baby with a mixed-up tag, there’s a good chance that you will be able to sell it for a profit!

So what did we learn today?

That Beanie Babies are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. If were banking on paying for your children’s college tuition with your Beanie Baby collection, you may be disappointed. However, if you stumble across one of the flawed Beanie Babies you may be able to sell it for a small profit and treat yourself to a nice dinner out or a designer handbag.


Forget the Princess Diana Beanie Baby…these are the most valuable ones to own!