“I’ve got a box of old bras if you want to see them.” — Phyllis (The Office, Season 7, “Garage Sale”)

Garage sale items run the gamut from the old and tattered to the shiny and new-ish. From the low end to the high end. From the vintage to the modern. From the practical to the collectible. And — most entertainingly — from the mundane to the strange. 

If you’ve been to a garage sale, chances are you’ve seen some weird stuff — things that are inexplicable, impractical or downright creepy. For many, it’s come to be a pleasurable part of the garage sale-ing experience, and it’s arguably the coolest thing about shopping secondhand.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled a collection of weird garage sale finds from around the Web. Enjoy!

It’s Alive!

I’m calling this the Vampire Fish. Go ahead and hang it up next to your smoke detector as shown above. 

Source: EstateSales.org

This ventriloquist’s dummy is eyeing Donald Duck rather maliciously. He also seems to have double-jointed legs.

Source: EstateSales.org  

Allow me to introduce you to the Perpetually Left-Looking Lady.

Source: ThePolkaDotCloset.Blogspot.com

The Green-Eyed Ghoul

Source: FreddieInSpace.com

I don’t even want to know what’s inside.

Source: Unusual or funny items found at garage sales, thrift stores, etc.

It came from within the toilet?

Source: Unusual or funny items found at garage sales, thrift stores, etc.

“Sharon! Where are my hands? Ah, yes, holding the candles.”

Source: OregonWomensReport.com

Luxurious Furs

Yes, it’s cute. But someone clearly thought this was too creepy to keep in their house.

Source: JasonVorhees.Wordpress.com

And here we have a luxurious blue-and-white-marbled jacket…possibly gremlin fur.

Source: YardSaleBloodbath.com

Poor child must be cold. Well, everywhere but the hands and neck.

Source: YardSaleBloodbath.com

Abstract Art

It’s banana-shaped. It’s five cents. That’s really all you need to know.

Source: Unusual or funny items found at garage sales, thrift stores, etc.


To the Metallic, Mosaic Lighthouse, a sequel by Virginia Woolf

Source: EstateSales.org

Animal Farm

Our dog Charlie just lights up the room with his smile! Literally.

Source: VintageJunkInMyTrunk.Typepad.com

Nothing says the holidays quite like a Christmas tree crawling with mice.

Source: EstateSales.org

Let this be a lesson: Don’t cry over spilled milk…or the dogs will get you! Sweetest or saddest painting ever? You decide.

Source: YardSaleBloodbath.com

What were the strangest things you’ve ever come across at a garage sale? Comment below.   

In Search of Strange: Wonderfully Weird Garage Sale Finds