Promote a Garage Sale Using Newspaper Ads

While newspaper ads are not as popular as they once were, they can still drive customers to your yard sale. There is still a good amount of the yard sale shopping population who use newspapers to find sales, so it’s a great idea to place an ad in your local paper in addition to posting the yard sale online. In this blog post we’ll teach you some how to promote a garage sale using newspaper ads.

To get started, we recommend calling up local paid-for and free weeklies to inquire about yard sale advertising rates. You can expect to pay anywhere from $25-$200 for a yard sale ad, depending on the readership and reach of the newspaper. Some papers offer both in-paper and online advertising, which we recommend using.

Newspaper ads are usually text based, so you’ll definitely want to include the most important details first. Date, Address and Time. If any space is left, you can list some of the more valuable items for sale.

There are also a few attention-grabbing words and phrases that you can use to get more eyeballs on your ad.

  • Multi-Family
  • Moving Sale
  • Antiques
  • Estate Sale
  • Community/Neighborhood Sale
  • Reseller’s Dream Come True

Here is an example of a newspaper ad:

Multi-Family Yard Sale 123 Main Street Santa Cruz 8/8-8/9 @8am-3pm.
Lots of furniture, electronics, baby clothing & collectibles.

This ad works because it has an attention grabbing headline using the phrase “Multi-Family”. It also gives all of the pertinent information of the sale: location, dates & time. The ad also includes some of the most popular & valuable items for sale. Overall, the ad appeals to yard sale shoppers by giving them all of the information they need about the sale.

That concludes the 3 part series about How to Promote a Garage Sale, you can read Part 1: Yard Sale Signs & Part 2: Online Advertising.

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How to Promote a Garage Sale: Part 3 – Newspaper Ads