This post is the second part of a 3 part series on “How to Promote a Garage Sale”. You can read Part 1 here.

In this day and age, you would be doing yourself a huge disservice by NOT advertising your yard sale online. There are dozens of websites dedicated to listing & promoting yard and garage sales.  The best part about most of the online advertising platforms is that they are almost all completely free to use! The only catch is you have to write an ad that catches the public’s attention. Below we’ll discuss some pro-strategies for creating a yard sale advertisement that stands out to potential customers.

Creating the Perfect Ad

In order to get the most eyeballs on your listing, you’ll want to employ these best practices when it comes to creating your yard sale online listing. Spending some time up front to create a compelling ad will pay for itself in the number of potential customers you will attract.

Yard Sale Ad Best Practices:

  1. Use an attention-getting headline: “Moving Sale – Bedroom Furniture, Tools & Lawn Equipment” or “Star Wars Collectors Wanted – Collectors Yard Sale.”
  2. ALWAYS include photos of your items.
  3. Be sure to list the brand names and types of items that will be for sale.
  4. If you are selling clothing, list the sizes in the ad.
  5. Be sure to list any collectibles for sale that buyers may be searching for.
  6. Include the time, date & address of the sale. Include major cross streets for easy navigation.

When looking for websites to promote your website, look no further than our own Treasure Listings Network. The Treasure Listings Network of sites not only allows you to advertise your yard, garage or estate sale for free, but it also promotes your sale out to their local email subscriber database on a daily basis, which means people in your local area will be notified about your sale. The other advantage to listing your sale on the Treasure Listings network of sites is when you list the sale on one site, it appears on all 7 websites! That’s 7x the exposure on your listing!

List of Websites to Advertise your Yard Sale for FREE:

Social Media

Another great way to get the word out about your yard sale is to announce it on your social media channels!

Facebook – Let your friends and neighbors know about your upcoming sale by announcing it with a status update. Include photos & descriptions of the items. Who knows? You may sell a few items ahead of time!

Twitter – Tweet about your sale on Twitter. Because you only have 140 characters you are going to have to make it short & sweet. Include only the necessary information and then if you have space, name some of the items you’ll be selling. “Moving Sale 124 Main Street 8-3pm. Furniture. Electronics. See you there.”

Instagram – The day of and the day before your sale, upload a photo of your sale items to Instagram and use hashtags to draw attention to your post.  Hashtags like #yourlocalcity #yourstate #yardsale #garagesale #forsale will help you get noticed from people searching those hashtags.

Online advertising is certainly the most cost-effective way to get your sale info out into the public. Next up in this series, we’ll discuss the benefits & best practices of newspaper ads for promoting a garage sale.


How to Promote a Garage Sale: Part 2 – Free Online Advertising