When it comes to preparing for a garage or yard sale, there are lots of items to organize, clean, display & sell. In order to pull off a successful yard sale, you are going to need an arsenal of supplies to help you out. Below we’ll take a look at some of the most commonly used supplies for yard sales.

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We’ve broken up the garage sale supplies list into four main categories: Advertising, Pricing, Organizing, & Money Handling. We’ve also created a printable Garage Sale Supplies Checklist that you can grab at the end of this blog post!


Posterboard – We’ve found that the best type of signage for garage sale signs is the 18×24 sized poster board that you can pick up at any craft store. You can either go with white or a bright neon color, but the only rule here is to make sure all of your signs are the same color, so potential customers can easily follow your signage.

Black Sharpie – If you want your sign to be seen, your best bet is to use a good old fashioned Sharpie to make your garage sale signs. Black Sharpies can be seen from great distances and stand up to the weather elements.

Stapler – In order to hang the signs on community bulletin boards & telephone poles, it’s handy to have a stapler. Bonus, if you’ve got one of the industrial staplers found at hardware stores.

Hammer & Nails – In the event that you don’t have a stapler, a hammer and nails should do the trick.


Pricing Stickers – The easiest way to price your garage sale items is to use some pre-labeled pricing stickers. You can usually pick these up at your local box store for a couple dollars.

Blank Stickers – You’ll also want to get some blank stickers to price your items with custom prices.

Category Signs – Category signs are helpful if you intend to price items by group, for example, “All Clothing $1.00/each” or “All Dishes $.50/each”. We’ve got some free downloadable category signs right here.


Tables – You’ll need plenty of tables to display your yard sale items. In the event that you run out of tables or don’t have any at all, you may want to reference this blog post, How to have a yard sale without tables

Chairs – There will inevitably be lulls between customers, so it’s nice to have a few chairs outside so you can sit down and relax until your next customers arrive.

Garment Rack – A garment rack is the best way to display clothing so that they look organized and attractive. If you don’t have a garment rack, here are a few more ideas for you to try.

Rubber Bands – Rubber bands are great for tying like items or sets together. If you plan to sell board games or puzzles, tying a rubber band around the entire box will ensure that you don’t lose any pieces.

Ziploc Bags – You can use Ziploc bags to create grab bags of like items for sale. For example, you could place 3-4 toys in a bag and sell them at a bundled price.

Trash Can – It’s always handy to have a trash can nearby to get rid of customer’s coffee or other trash that may end up at the sale.


Calculator – Trying to do quick math at a yard sale can be a bit challenging, especially with all of the distractions going on.  We recommend having a calculator on hand so you can use it to tally up your customer’s purchases.

Fanny Pack – The last thing you want to do is leave your yard sale money lying out in the open which is why we recommend wearing a fanny pack that is attached to your waist to hold all of the money.

Notebook – If you are a having a multi-family yard sale it’s a good idea to keep track of all sales in a notebook, so you can easily divvy up the money at the end of the sale.

Ones & Five Dollar Bills – You’ll definitely want to have a stash of small bills like ones & fives for your garage sale. We recommend having about $100 in small bills which should give you plenty of cash to make change.

$10 in Quarters – Along with small bills, it’s also a good idea to have some quarters on hand, especially if you are pricing items ending in $.25 & $.50.


Shopping Bags – Having a few shopping bags on hand will definitely be good for your buyers to transport their purchases to their car. You don’t need anything fancy, grocery store bags will be perfect for this.

Boxes – You may also want to have a few boxes for buyers to place their items in, especially if they are breakable.

Measuring Tape – If you are selling furniture, you might want to have a measuring tape on hand, so your buyers can measure the furniture to ensure that it fits in both their vehicle and in their home.

Batteries – Selling electronics? It’s best to have a few spare batteries on hand so your buyers can test out any electronic items that you may have for sale.

Moving Dolly – Having a dolly on hand can be helpful especially if you are selling heavy items, lawn equipment, and furniture. It will make moving the furniture to the buyer’s vehicle much easier.

Mirror – Planning on selling clothing? Having a mirror at the yard sale will allow your buyers to ‘try on’ the clothing and determine if they like it or not.

Packing Supplies – Items like bubble wrap and tape can come in handy if you are selling breakable items.

Extension Cords – You’ll definitely want to have an extension cord on hand so your buyers can test out any electronics you might be selling.

Hand Sanitizer – Having some hand sanitizer on hand can be a great bonus for your buyers who want to freshen up after touching and inspecting yard sale items.


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