When it comes to hosting a yard sale with limited supplies you’ve got to get pretty crafty setting up your displays & yard sale signs. It takes quite a few tables, shelves and clothing racks to pull off a successful yard sale. Unfortunately, not all of us have all of those supplies on hand. But don’t despair, because we scoured the internet for some yard sale lifehacks that you can use to become the MacGyver of yard sales.

MacGyver Misson #1: DIY Yard Sale Signs

Supplies Needed: PVC Piping, Blue Painter’s Tape & a sheet of Cardboard

MacGyver Level: macgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsale

Mission Instructions:

Who needs store bought or printable yard sale signs, when you can make your own using some handy supplies from your own garage? Grab a few pieces of PVC piping you have laying around from the last time you fixed the leaky plumbing, some painter’s tape and a cardboard box and you’ve got a yard sale sign that just screams MacGyver!

MacGyver Mission #2: DIY Clothing Rack

Supplies Needed: Two Ladders, long branch, clothes hangers

MacGyver Level: macgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsale

Mission Instructions:

Ask any pro yard sale-r and they’ll tell you that the best way to display clothing at a yard sale is to hang it on a clothing rack! But guess what? You don’t need any fancy schmancy clothing rack for your yard sale clothing! All you really need is a couple of ladders and a long rod or tree branch? Dust off those ladders and create a MacGyver style clothing rack by placing the long rod through the rungs of the ladder

MacGyver Mission #3: DIY Tablecloth

Supplies Needed: Folding Table & Twin Sized Fitted Sheet

MacGyver Level: macgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsale

Mission Instructions:

Make sure your yard sale tables stay nice and clean by creating a makeshift tablecloth using a fitted twin sheet. Miraculously, these sheets fit like a glove on the 6 feet long folding banquet tables. The nice part about using a fitted sheet is that once the yard sale is over, you can pick up the sheet and easily carry all of the leftover items right back into your house!

MacGyver Mission #4: Oh no, we ran out of batteries

Supplies Needed: Screw & Nut

MacGyver Level: macgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsale

Mission Instructions:

Planning on selling electronics at your yard sale? You are going to need to have a bunch of batteries on hand so potential buyers can test out the items. This is fine assuming you’ve got plenty of batteries, but if not, we’ve got a epic MacGyver like tip that you can try. All you need is a screw & a small nut and place them where the battery is supposed to go. The metal from the screw will act as a conduit for the electricity and ta-dah…you’ve got yourself a make-shift battery! That’s some epic MacGyver wizardry right there!

MacGyver Mission #5: Double the Clothing

Supplies Needed: Lots of soda can tabs

MacGyver Level: macgyverlevelyardsale

Mission Instructions:

Selling lots of clothing are your yard sale? No problem! Double the amount of clothing you are able to hang up on your new make-shirt clothing rack (see above) by inserting a soda can tab through the coat hanger hook and then using the soda can tab to hang another hanger.

MacGyver Mission #6: Cash Register

Supplies: Cardboard box & muffin tin

MacGyver Level: macgyverlevelyardsalemacgyverlevelyardsale

Mission Instructions:

What’s the most important thing at a yard sale? Making money of course! And what do you need for that money a cash register! But don’t worry, you don’t need to run down to your closest Radio Shack and buy you. If you’ve got a muffin tin and a cardboard box…you are in just made yourself a fancy cash register for the yard sale.


6 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Yard Sales