Have you ever stopped to think about why you started garage sale shopping? Maybe you used to yard sale with your mom and grandmother as a child and now you are carrying on the tradition with your own children and grandchildren. Or maybe you just love the thrill of finding a good deal. We thought it might be fun to ask our website visitors exactly why they shop at garage sales…and the answer might surprise you!

We polled our website visitors about the reasons they love going to garage sales, and we’re sharing the results with you!


According to our findings after surveying over 1,000 people,  43% of Gsalr.com readers shop yard sales, just for fun! We don’t blame them at all because shopping yard sales is fun and a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

The second most popular reason people shop garage sales was to save money. This is also another great reason to shop yard sales, is there anything better than finding a killer deal? I don’t think so!

18% of the people who visit Gsalr.com shop garage sales because they are resellers. Which means they scour garage sales for items to sell online on sites like Ebay or Amazon. We’ve actually interviewed a few of these types of sellers before. Check out our interviews with a Full Time Ebay Seller & Professional Amazon FBA Seller.

9% of the Gsalr.com audience shops yard sales to find items for their collections. We’re looking at you Pyrex junkies!

Want to know which state holds the most yard sales? Check out this infographic!


43% of People Shop at Garage Sales for This Reason….