How to Accept Credit Cards at a Yard Sale

In this day and age, it’s very rare to carry cash in your wallet. Credit cards have almost completely replaced the way we do business and make purchases. Garage & Yard sales were the one exception where cash was still king and personal checks were not accepted, until now. Now that everyone is carrying around a smartphone it’s easier than ever to accept credit card and process payments right from your phone, anywhere and anytime, including at your own yard sale? Below we’ll take a look at some of the advantage of accepting credit cards along with three methods you can use to accept credit cards at your next yard sale.

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Advantages of accepting credit cards at your yard sale:

1. Convenience – Many people do not carry cash with them. Giving customers the ability to quickly swipe their credit cards will give the more freedom in how they pay.

2. Increase in sales – The nice thing about accepting credit cards at a yard sale is that it allows customers to spend more money than the cash they have on hand. While we aren’t promoting sending these people into the poor house with your yard sale, it does come in handy when you are selling furniture, or items of a high value. For example, let’s say you are selling a golf cart for $500. Only trouble is…they only have $100 in their wallet and the nearest ATM is 25 miles away? No problem. You can quickly take credit card payment for the item, using one of the methods listed below and you both win. They get the golf cart and you just made a big sale!

3. Cool Factor – Even though using credit cards is wildly accepted at almost any retail establishment, it’s still not commonplace at yard sales. So the fact that you are accepting credit cards at your yard sale shows your customers how technologically advanced you are and they’ll no doubt be telling their friends about it.

Here are 3 ways you can accept credit cards at your next yard sale:


1. Square Cash – This is a handy mobile app from the makers of Square App that allow you to send money between accounts. Essentially, you set up a account and then give the customer the link to your profile where they can send you money using a debit or credit card.

Square takes 2.75% cut and the rest is deposited into your bank account.


2. Paypal – This method is great for buyers who want to feel safe about their purchase and are already comfortable with the Paypal platform. All you do is simply give the total amount due and your email to the customer. They can then log on to their Paypal account from their smartphone and send payment for the full amount to the email address you provided them.

Paypal takes 2.9% + $.30 per transaction and the rest is deposited into your Paypal account.


3. Google Wallet – This works in the same way that Paypal does, however, you will need to make sure that both you and the customer has a Google Wallet account. Once the accounts have been activated, you can provide your customer with the total amount and your email, and they can send money via the Google Wallet app.

Google Wallet takes 2.90% cut and the rest is deposited into your bank account.

Now that we’ve given you a few ways to accept credit cards, we’d love to hear if these methods worked out for you! Head over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment!


3 Ways You can Accept Credit Cards at a Yard Sale