We might hold a garage sale to get rid of old items, but earning cash for your stuff might be the most fun and satisfying part of it. We’ve reiterated here just how easy it is to make a fair amount from secondhand items, with a little time and effort. You just have to know what you’re getting into.

Whether you’re an amateur garage saler or just someone looking to improve your profits, you can learn a thing or two from the experts who’ve made a great living — and a fun life — out of garage sale-ing. Check out these three garage sale gurus who have vastly different backgrounds, but who all have valuable insights to share.

Garage Sale Gal


Lynda Hammond worked as a TV news anchor for 15 years before
she developed a passion of garage sale-ing. Though she started out as a self-described
“garage sale snob,” her passion for garage sales was ignited by discovering a
diamond-in-the-rough copper boiler in 1992. Since then, she has written
numerous columns on garage sales, appeared on TV, and created a blog with many useful
garage sale tips.

Her book, Garage Sale
Gal’s Guide to Making Money Off Your Stuff,
is available on Amazon.In it, Hammond gives advice on
organizing and profiting from your own garage sales, how to successfully buy
from other garage sales, the value of appraisals, and negotiating with pawn
shops, estate sales, antique and consignment stores, flea markets, and online
sources such as eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy. Get the book and read her blog at GarageSaleGal.com.

Garage Sale Gold


Ava Seavey’s background in direct response advertising,
combined with her over two decades of experience holding garage sales, prompted
her to impart her knowledge to others. Initially
getting into garage sales as a way to make supplemental income, Seavey became
fascinated by experimenting with the different angles of buying and selling
using advertising techniques she had gleaned.

Ava’s Guide to Garage
Sale Gold
teaches you everything you need to know about having a garage
sale and making the most money. The book includes insights on selecting items
for sale, pricing items, marketing and advertising your sale, and negotiating
sale prices. Find her book, as well as other items like an organizer, yard sale
signs and pricing stickers, at GarageSaleGold.com.

Garage Sale Millionaire


Aaron LePedis is a fine art
collector and gallery owner with impressive credentials. He hosted a PBS show called
Collect This! For seven years, and
has been featured on The Discovery Channel and the special “What’s America
Worth?” with host Donald Trump. He has authored many columns and posts about garage
sale-ing over the years.

LaPedis book, The Garage Sale Millionaire, is a guide to tracking down hard-to-find
treasures, hidden gems, and collectible items for resale, written with 60 years
of combined collecting experience from its authors. The Garage Sale Millionaire promises its readers a definite
advantage over your competition in buying, valuing, and selling your
collectibles for substantial profits. Start reading the book for free at TheGarageSaleMillionaire.com.

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