Pretty Pyrex Collections

1. There’s nothing I love more than a collection of colorful Pyrex bowls. In this photo, I spy the Butterprint, Butterfly Gold & Autumn Harvest Pyrex patterns.

2. The combination of turquoise bowls & Friendship patterned bowls make for a stunning display in this Pyrex photo.

3. Loaf pans galore! This photo is giving me all the feels showcasing the tower of pretty Pyrex patterns: Pink Daisy, Snowflake, Black Rooster, Pink Scroll.

4. I think I just died and went to heaven! I would love to have this display in my home. The turquoise colored Pyrex collection is one-of-a-kind!

5. This display of pink Gooseberry & turquoise Butterprint Pyrex dishes brings back the nostalgia of the golden days!

6. These colorful scalloped Pyrex bowls make for a stunning display when stacked on top of one another.

7. This set of Pyrex casserole dishes with the original lids would make any Pyrex lovers heart go aflutter! Finding a complete set is a rare find in the Pyrex hunting community.

8.This lakeside cottage is decorated with white appliances and pops of turquoise color thanks the the owner’s delightful Pyrex collection.

9. This mini refrigerator Pyrex dishes known as “Fridgies” are a collector’s dream! The ones shown here feature the Butterprint pattern.

10. This collection of various snowflake patterned Pyrex dishes make for a beautiful display on a Winter’s day

11. You cannot go wrong with a set of Pyrex primary color bowls. These bowls are one of the most popular collections amongst Pyrex junkies.

12. This display of Pyrex dishes features lots of different patterns including some rare ones like: Green Salad, Shenendoah, & Town and Country.

13. Talk about a GREAT thrifting find! This store display leaves all of us Pyrex lovers drooling!

14. The black & white Snowflake and Black Rooster prints make for an adorable monochromatic display. They’re almost to pretty to bake with!

15. The set of Pyrex, “New Dots” bowls is a fun and colorful reminder of how playful Vintage Pyrex used to be.

16. This “Turquoise Diamonds” pattern was a promotional Pyrex piece, making it a rare find!

17. The only thing prettier than a real rainbow, is this rainbow collection of Pyrex Fridgies!

18. We’ve definitely got hearts in our eyes for this super rare heart pattern “JAJ” Pyrex casserole dish.

19. Nothing can get you down when you’ve got this collection of yellow Gooseberry Pyrex bowls in your kitchen.

20. This cute yellow bar cart is the perfect way to display these turquoise and white Pyrex pieces.

21. These Pyrex butter dishes and matching Fridgies are making us want to run out and go Pyrex hunting! What a find!

22. I don’t know about you, but I can just smell the bread baking in this gorgeous Pyrex loaf pans.

23. Not only are these Pyrex casserole dishes darling, but they are also rare. The pink pattern is known as Pink Stems. The blue pattern is known as Tulip Blue.

24. In a world of pastel Pyrex piecdes, the “Moon Deco” pattern stands out from the rest!

25. And we leave you with one of the most jaw-dropping Pyrex displays we’ve ever seen!


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