Admit it…yard sale shopping is a big part of your life and every morning when you wake up, the thought of treasures you might find or new friends you might meet cross your mind. While for some…yard sale-ing is just a harmless hobby, for others…it is an addiction! Check out our list of 11 signs you might be addicted to yard sales to see if you fit the mold! If so, you know how it goes…admitting the problem is the first step. Good Luck yard sale junkies!

1. The term “Junk in the trunk” has nothing to do with your body type

2. When a friend compliments your outfit, you proudly exclaim “I got it at a yard sale!” and proceed to tell them how much each piece cost and which part of town it came from. 


3. You suddenly have collections of items, you never intended to collect

4. You feel sympathetic for the people on Hoarders

5. Your car is still full of stuff you got at the last 5 yard sales


6. The last time you were at the grocery store, you asked the clerk if she’d consider taking $.50 for the gallon of milk

7. You’ve mastered the art of the slow drive-by

8. You and your yard sale BFF are out yard sale-ing before the sun comes up!


9. Your favorite kind of bird….is the early bird

10. You pay for items with big bills during the week, so you’ll have plenty of one dollar bills for Saturday

11. When you aren’t at a yard sale, you are thinking about one, organizing items you got at one or scouring the internet for the next one.

11 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Yard Sales