Yard sale season is in full swing and if you are planning on having a yard sale this season, it’s best that you prepare early and read all you can about what it takes to host a profitable yard sale. We thought it might be a fun idea to reach out to some of our favorite frugal living bloggers and ask them to share their favorite yard sale tip. These bloggers know exactly what it takes to have a successful yard sale and how to make the most profit! Below you will see a list of the top 10 tips from these bloggers!

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Prepare ahead of time

Phyllis from Verified Mom suggests that if you know ahead of time that you are going to have a yard sale, clean and price the item BEFORE putting it in storage so when the time comes around to have a yard sale, your item will be ready to go.

The more the merrier

Amber from Become a Coupon Queen recommends teaming up with a few neighbors and holding a sale on the same day to gather more interest and customers for your yard sale.

Change is Good

Ann from Ann’s Entitled Life likes to have plenty of change on hand for her yard sales. She usually starts off the day with 100 single dollar bills, (10) $5 dollar bills (5) $10 dollar bills and 2 rolls of quarters. She also makes sure to price items in $.25 increments.


Don’t let your emotions get in the way

Atlanta’s Frugal Mom has some sage advice, “Take the sentimentality out of your pricing”. Sure it’s easy to get wrapped up in nostalgia when preparing items to sell, but be realistic about pricing the items, no one is going to pay more than they should for a halloween costume just because your daughter looked cute in it as a baby!

Take every opportunity to earn more money

Sarah from Baking with Mom offers a unique way to increase profits at your yard sale…and that’s by selling food! Selling cups of lemonades and cookies can be a great way to earn some extra money from your yard sale visitors.

Join Facebook groups

Kim from Two Kids & a Coupon suggests joining local Facebook yard sale groups and posting details about your sale along with pictures of the best items that are for sale within the groups to get more people interested.

Get people out of their cars

The ThriftyJinxy blog recommends putting your best looking and most interesting items closer to the road to attract passersby.


Free promotion is good promotion

The Savvy Age recommends posting your yard sale on a variety of free garage sale posting sites like Garage Sales Finder & for increased exposure to your sale!

Don’t forget to sell these items

This Money Saving Sisters blog post reminds us not to overlook things like purses that you don’t use anymore or clothing you haven’t worn in a year when determining what to sell at your yard sale.

Everyone loves FREE!

Yard offers up a bit of yard sale wisdom with this tip, “Place a big box near the end of your driveway with a sign that says FREE, then place all the items that you would like to giveaway into the box. This will help turn the passive drivers-by into yard sale shoppers.”

Do you have a favorite yard sale tip that wasn’t mentioned? Leave us a comment!

Yard Sale Tips

10 Smart Yard Sale Tips from top Frugal Living Bloggers