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We have moved several Estates house and Storage Units to our warehouse. Please review each picture deals on how to buy each item. You will be able to make an appointment to pickup your items up between these times Monday Friday 10 AM - 5 PM; Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM or Sunday 2 PM - 6 PM. If you arrive without an appointment be prepared to wait because we will have to dig it out of StorageAH3001: John Rocha Waterford Glass Vase Local PickupAH3009: Henseler Bavaria Cup and Saucer w/ Salad Plate Fine China GreenAH3010: Henseler Bavaria Cup and Saucer w/ Salad Plate Fine China RustAH3011: TWIN GREEN GLASS VASE/ CANDLE VOLTIVEAH3012: TWIN BLUE GLASS VASE/ CANDLE VOLTIVEAH3013: ORNATE RED AND FROST GLASS BOWLAH3014: BIG PINK VASE BN115: Neo Retro Glass Top Table Local PickupBN131: Antique Small Writing Table Desk Local PickupCH082: ECOLE DE BALLET III BY JANET TREBY framed serigraph 300/385 Local Pickup CH084: Peter Nixon "Festival IV" Serigraph Framed Local PickupCT0071-: Vintage Metal Patio Furniture Table and Chairs Blue and White Local PicCT0072: Cindy Crawford Sectional Sofa with 2 Electric Recliners Local PickupDM001: Gemini Pro DJ Audio Sound Rack $95DM002: JBL JRX100 Series Speaker Cabinet $125"RM0353 Knights of Sparta 2011 New Orleans Mardi Gras Float Bulletin Framed Signed and Numbered Local PickuMetairie, LA · 2 days ago · "RM0354: Krewe of Endymion 2013 Framed New Orleans Mardi Gras Float Bulletin Local PickupL72220: Sofa: Clothe on Wood Frame $125 OBO LA6157: FOUNDATION STONES OF AMERICAN HISTORY BOOK 1946LAN575: 12 Pieces Mintons Marlow Fine Dinning China Lot Local Pickup Plate CupLAN576: Mintons Daventry 10 Plates Fine Dinning China Lot Local PickupLAN577: Lazarro LZR360AS Alto Sax Saxophone w/Case Local PickupLAN578: Block Crystal Candle StickLAN580: Waterford Crystal Candle Sticks / HoldersLAN582: Skinner London Wood Case Mantel Clock Local PickupLAN583: Ansonia Mantel / Shelf Clock Metal Case Local PickupLAN586: 12 Vintage Milk Glass Jars Local PickupLAN592: Anheuser Busch Stien 1995LAN596: Andrea by Sadek Oriental BowlLAN598: 4 Bohemian Glass CupsLAN601 USED WALT DISNEY COLLECTORS LOTLAN604 VINTAGE CATHOLIC 800 SILVER ROSERY WITH MOTHER OF PEARL BEADSLAN605 VINTAGE 800 SILVER FILAGREE BOX USED LAN605 VINTAGE 800 SILVER FILAGREE BLAN606 VINTAGE ROLLEICORD TWIN LENS REFLEX CAMERA FRANKE & HEIDECKE COMPANY MADLAN607 3 SILVER PLATED COLLECTORS SPOONS 6 INCH LONG 3 PCS KENTUCKY , FLORIDALAN700: Hand Painted Japanize Pottery VaseLAN703: Antique Lead Crystal Lamps Local PickupLAN704: Hand Painted Japanize Pottery VaseLAN706: Mackenzie Childs Hand Made Pottery Round PlateLAN708: Mackenzie Childs Hand Made Pottery MugLAN709: Mackenzie Childs Hand Made Pottery MugLAN710: Mackenzie Childs Hand Made Pottery Oval BowlLAN712: Mackenzie Childs Hand Made Pottery Round PlateLAN718: Sam Bisque Sam Doll HeadLAN719: Ford Silver Co Pitcher Quadruple PlateLAN720: Vintage PYREX Autumn Harvest Wheat CASSEROLE Dishes with LidsLAN726: Magnalite 2qrt Pot Local Pickup $25LAN729: Corning Ware Pot 5 LiterLAN730: Corning Ware Pot 3 Liter Local PickupLAN732: Heywood Wakefield Drop Leaf TableLAN733: 2 wooden captain style desk chairsLAN734: Mid-Century Modern Blue Glass and Silver Plate Candle SticksLAN736: Antique Middle Eastern Area Rug Hand Lund 78"X 52"LAN737: Antique Middle Eastern Area Rug Hand Lund 117" X 78"LAN738: Antique Middle Eastern Area Rug Hand Knotted 117" X 78"LAN739: Antique Middle Eastern Area Rug Hand Knotted and numbered 12' X 97"LAN740: Hand painted vintage glass and brass lamp LAN741: Comic books $5.00 and up MARVEL, DC, etc . Silver age to modern. LAN741 LAN742 PCGS Coin Slabs $10 each LAN742 - LAN742: PCGS Coin Slabs $10 each - LAN744: Coin SuppliesLAN746: Mid Century Glass and Brass Lamp $25LAN747: Sterling Silver Rings $35 each or 4 for $100 ML3001: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3003: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3004: Conner McManus Art: Arabesque Pop Mixed media on wood : Local PickuML3005: Conner McManus Art Point Reyes Trail 40″ X60″ Giclee and Acrylic on BirchML3006: Conner McManus Art Nowhere 5′ x 7′ Transferred Ink, Dye, & Acrylic on CaML3007: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3008: Conner McManus Art Celebration Branches 40″ x 60″ Acrylic on Canvas 201ML3009: Conner McManus Art Triple Collision 67″x57″ Acrylic on canvas 2016ML3010: Conner McManus Art Big Cones 36″x36″ Giclee and Acrylic on Birch PanelML3011: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3012: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3013: Conner McManus Art: Audubon Trees 36″x36″ Giclee and Acrylic on BirchML3014: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3016: Conner McManus Art: Mixrd Media Local PickupML3017: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3018: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3019: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3020: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3021: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3023: Conner McManus Art: Local PickuML3024: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3025: Conner McManus Art The Watcher 36″x24″ Acrylic on canvas 2017ML3026: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3027: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3028: Conner McManus Art Small Cones 12"X18" Giclee and Acrylic on Birch PanelML3030: Conner McManus Art: Resin, Ink, & Acrylic on WoodML3031: Conner McManus Art: Resin, Ink, & Acrylic on WoodML3032: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3033: Conner McManus Art: Local PickuML3034: Conner McManus Art: oil on Board Local PickupML3035 Conner McManus Art: Chicago Bean 18″x 24″ Giclee and Acrylic on BirchML3036: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3037: Conner McManus Art: mixed media on canvas Local PickupML3038: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3039: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3040: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3041: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3042: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3043: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3044: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3045: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3046: Conner McManus Art: Local PickuML3047: Conner McManus Art: November Providence Acrylic on Canvas Local PickupML3049: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3050: Conner McManus Art: New Orleans Sound 16" X20" Local PickupML3051: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3052: Conner McManus Art: Art is Sh$t Local PickupML3053: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3054: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3055: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3056: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3057: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3058: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3059: Conner McManus Art: Blue Blot Mandala Giclee, Acrylic, & Resin on woodML3061: Conner McManus Art: Local PickuML3062: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3063: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3064: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3066: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3068: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3069: Conner McManus Art: Local PickuML3070: Conner McManus Art: Giclee Local PickupML3071: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3072: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3073: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3074: Conner McManus Art: Santa Claus Local PickupML3075: Conner McManus Art: Local PickuML3076: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3077: Conner McManus Art: Entropic Cosmos #2 16" X 20" Local PickupML3078: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3079: Conner McManus Aruban Cave Photograph and resin on wood panel 24"X36"ML3080: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupML3081: Clair Cubby Mixed Media Art: Local PickupML3084: Conner McManus Art Lake Shells Giclee and Acrylic on Birch Panel 12″x 18ML3085: Conner McManus Art: Local PickupRM0352: Framed 3 D Corvette Art Local Pickup $35RM1272: Jewell's Crescent City Illustrated The Story Build Framed Artwork RM3005: 10 LBs of Mardi Gras Memorabilia $12.5 SL3001: Duncan Phyfe China Hutch Local PickupSL3002: Duncan Phyfe Sideboard Buffet Local Pickup SL3003: Duncan Phyfe Small Sideboard buffet Local Pickup SL3004: Rococo White Marble Top Table Local PickupSL3005: Kinney Shaped Writing Table / Desk with Rush Seat Chair Local Pickup SL3006: Small Early American Style Table Local PickupSL3009: Regency Style Duncan Phyfe 4 Dinning Chairs Local PickupSL3010: Early American Style Hide Away Secretary Desk Local PickupSL3011: Ladder Back Chair Local PickupSL3012: Mahogany Queen Anne Style Writing Table Local PickupSL3013: Folding Fire Place Table Local PickupSL3014: Wooden Stair Plant Shelf Display Local PickupSL3018: Brass and Glass Oil Style Electric Lamp Local PickupSL3020: Framed Super Bowl XX PosterSL3022: Oriental Black Inlaid 2 Drawer Chest Local PickupSL3023: Black Cabinet Low Profile Local PickupSL3024: Jasper Cabinet Secretary Display Bookshelf 30”w x 73”t x 16” D Local PickuSL3026: Early American Nightstand Local PickupSL3027: Early American Twin Poster Bed Local PickupSL3028: Primitive Small Wooden Table Local PickupSL3029: Early American Twin Poster Bed Local PickupSL3030: Destressed Small Light Blue Table Local PickupSM001: BAMBOO VASE WITH SILVER DETAIL14 IN TALL AND 4.5 IN DIAMETERSM002: ADLER'S SUN KING COVERED BUTTER TRAY NIBSM003: ORNATE FORK AND KNIFE SERVING SET STAINLESS STEEL AND CELLULOID SM004: VERSACE BOWL AND SAUCER SET ROSENTHAL STUDIO-LINIE NIBSM006: BOMBAY COMPANY ENAMELED SNAIL NAPKIN HOLDERS LOT OF 3 SETS OF 4 NIBSM008: CRYSTAL EGG MADE IN HUNGARYSM012: SET OF 10 BUTTER KNIVES STERLING SILVER AND MOTHER OF PEARL FROM NOLA SM013: PEACOCK CERAMIC STATUE MADE IN CHINA LOCAL PICK UP SM014: Large Solid Wood Mirror Cherry Finish 40x52 in LOCAL PICK UPSM016: M. GESTER PAINTING OIL ON BOARD HAND PAINTED FRAMED LANDSCAPE 25.5 X 21.5SM017: TURKEY EUROPE OUTFITS ANTIQUE 1800S LITHOGRAPH PRINT 18.5X22 LOCAL PICKUPSM020: ANTIQUE COLOR LITHOGRAPH FRAMED PRINT MOSQUE 1849 20X26.75 LOCAL PICKUPSM025: SET OF 8 FORKS STERLING SILVER AND MOTHER OF PEARLSM028: OIL PAINTING REPRODUCTION OF THOMAS BIRCH "PHILADELPHIA HARBOR" 26X31 INSM029: NECHITA "BLUEBERRY MAN" LITHOGRAPH SIGNED & # (85/149) 24X36 LOCAL PICKUPSM030: MID CENTURY MODERN INDUSTRIAL DESK GLASS & METAL 36X72X30SM031: KITTINGER CHINA CABINET/BREAKFRONT 90 T X17 D X63 W IN Local PickupSM032: DECORATIVE VASE BRONZE & CERAMIC ASIAN STYLE WITH 2 MERMAIDS LOCAL PICKUPSM033: NORITAKE CHINAMADE IN JAPAN US DESIGN 21 PCS LOCAL PICK UPSM034: PAIR OF LAMPS WITH SHADES ORIENTAL THEME BY PACIFIC GRANT HOUSTON TXSM036: SMALL CRYSTAL VASE BACCARAT FRANCESM037: SET OF 2 LARGE ANGELS BY MARLO M.A.C. SCULPTURE LOCAL PICKUPSM039: SET OF 2 ASIAN MAN & WOMAN SITTING CERAMIC SCULPTURE MADE IN CHINA SM040: DECORATIVE CERAMIC SCULPTURE OF ORIENTAL MANSM041: POTTERY BARN CHRISTMAS REINDEER SILVER 10 CANDLABRA LOCAL PICKUPSM042: PORCELAIN CERAMIC PAIR OF DOVES BY LaVie LOCAL PICKUPSM043: 58 Pieces of Noritake Blue Dawn Fine China Dinnerware Local PickupSM046: 11" Bronze Napoleon Sculpture Statue On Marble Base Local PickupSM047: 22 Pieces of Bohemia Cristal GlassesSM2001: Noritake Japan Blue Dawn China 6611 4 - 10.5 in PlatesSM2002: Noritake Japan Blue Dawn China 6611 4 - 10.5 in PlatesSM2002A: Noritake Japan Blue Dawn China 6611 4 - 9 in BowlSM2003: Noritake Japan Blue Dawn China 6611 4 - 6.5 in PlatesSM2004: Noritake Japan Blue Dawn China 6611 Creamer and SugarSM2005: Noritake Japan Blue Dawn China 6611 Gravy BoatSM2007: Noritake Japan Blue Dawn China 6611 4 - 7.5 in BowlsSM2008: Noritake Japan Blue Dawn China 6611 4 - 7.5 in BowlsSM2009: Noritake Japan Blue Dawn China 6611 Lot of 7 Bowls, Plates & CupsSM2010: Noritake Japan Harwood China 6312 4 - 5.5in BowlsSM2011: Noritake Japan Harwood China 6312 4 - 5.5in BowlsSM3002: Rococo Style Antique Hideway Carved Wooden BarSM3003: XXL Swan Cast Aluminum Local PickupSM3004: XXL Copper POt With Handles Local PickupSM3006: Vintage Bronze Fountain Statue Baby Riding Turrle in Shell 58 PoundsSM3007: 6 Grape Shaped Glass PlatesSM3008: Oriental Accent 2 Blue Decorative AshtraysSM3011: KP Valera Bowl White and Blue $24 - SM3012: Oriental Vase 15" $12 - SM3013: EGYPTIAN ISIS ANCIENT EGYPT EGYPTIAN OPEN 23” WINGS FIGURINE SCULPTURE STATUE $75 SM3014: Copper and Blue Large Decorative Bowl $25 - SM3015: XL Paris Glass Stem JarSM3016: 11” Serving Plater China $10 SM3017: office furniture credenza Local PickupSM6002 LOT OF 8 BACCART SMALL CRYSTAL SHOT GOBLETS MADE IN FRANCESM6003 17 INCH NEW ORLEANS LOCAL ARTIST RED CLAY WITH PAINT BOWLSP1559: (2) Z Shaped End Tables brown and tile Local Pickup (Both $50)SP1568: PAIR OF GLASS MOSAIC LAMPS WITH SHADESSP1570: Artwork $10SP1571: Artwork $10SP1572: Artwork $10SP1573: Artwork - Flea MarketSP1574 Mardi Gras 1939 Art Framed 19”x25” $35SP1575 Art Black and White Italy Giclee Local Pickup $10SP1576 Giclee Italy Black and White #2 Art Local Pickup $10SP1577 Black and white Gilcee Italy #1 Local Pickup $10SP1578 Anchor Art Local Pickup $10 - Only available offline at officeWY0273 MATCHBOX DIE CAST VEHICLE #12 SAFARI LANDROVER GOLD COLOR IN BOX MADE WY0275 MATCHBOX DIE CAST VEHICLE SUPERFAST #11 CAR TRANSPORTER IN BOX MADE WY0277 MATCHBOX DIE CAST VEHICLE #74 DAIMLER BUS THREE BUS LOT. RED, WHITE ANWY0282 USED MATCHBOX VINTAGE DIE CAST VEHICLE LOT CARS & TRUCKS #25-D,#53-C,WY0285 USED MATCHBOX VINTAGE DIE CAST VEHICLE LOT CARS & TRUCKS. #6-C,#16-C,WY0286 USED MATCHBOX VINTAGE DIE CAST VEHICLE LOT CARS & TRUCKS. #14-E,#33-BWY0360 LOT OF 3 1964 PHILADELPHIA FOOTBALL CARDS #1, 80, 186.WY0361 3 CARD LOT OF PAUL HORNUNG CARDS. #54 1960 TOPPS, #76 1965, #123 1967 PHWY0362 LOT OF 4 JIM (JIMMY) TAYLOR FOOTBALL CARDS INCLUDING A ROOKIE CARDWY1005: Afghani Handmade Rug 47" X 38" Local Pickup Vintage HandmadeWY1006: Turkish Handmade Rug Local Pickup Vintage / Antique 75" X 53"WY1007: Rock Ola Jukebox 1950sWY3001:WATERCOLOR PAINTING BY NEW ORLEANS ARTIST BARBARA BROUSSARD WY3003: VINTAGE CUSTOM BASEBALL JACKET 'ATHLETES IN ACTION BASEBALL USA' SIZE LWY3004: VINTAGE 1971 WHITE SOX SWEATER 'CITY CHAMPS GRID' SIZE SWY3010: PETE FOUNTAIN PLAYS BERT KAEMPFERT LP SIGNED WITH DOUBLOONWY3011: PETE FOUNTAIN GOLDEN FAVORITES LP SIGNED WITH DOUBLOONWY3012: KERMIT RUFFINS SIGNED PRINTED PHOTO UNFRAMED WY3013: VINTAGE 1950s PLASTIC CHILD'S GUITAR WESTERN FOLK 32 IN NEEDS STRINGS.



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Post date: 11/12/19

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